Junior Ladder

“Lots of Fun, Lots of Challenges”

The idea of the ladder is to provide you with players to arrange games against. The ladder is not a competition and is designed for enjoyment - please enter into the spirit of it and play honestly and fairly.

Junior Ladder

Rank Name Last Position
1 Callum Farmer 2
2 Jake Wakeling 1
3 Nicole Tilling 4
4 Cassidy Hatley-Owen 6
5 Michelle Bosman 4
6 Hannah Tilling 8
7 Sam Finlayson 7
8 Nicholas Craythorne 10
9 Geoffrey Dharmadi 11
10 Jack Greengrass 12
11 Ethan Craythorne 13
12 Mitchell Farmer 14
13 Henry Woolrich 15
14 Ben Fraser 16


Ladder Rules  - A few playing rules about this ladder

  1. You can challenge the first, second or third position above you.
  2. If the challenger wins he takes the position of the player he won against and the loser goes down one ranking position.
  3. If the challenger loses there is no change to the ladder.
  4. If the person challenged will not or cannot play within a reasonable time period (maximum 20 days) then the challenger is deemed to be the winner.
  5. If a player becomes inactive (no matches in a month period) they will be removed from the ladder.
  6. You cannot challenge the same person twice in a row.
  7. All challenges must be proper matches - ie.  Best of 5 games to 15 points.
  8. Games can be mutually arranged to be played at other times outside of the Junior Club Night.
  9. All results of the challenges must be emailed to by the end of each week .
  10. All results will be posted once a week.



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