It’s with great pleasure we can announce that the computer system has been upgraded to Hello Club.  The system controls the access, booking and lighting for the club.  The previous system served us well but was aging and in desperate need of being modernised.  Many thanks to Sharon, Callum and Mitchell for their assistance.

Hello Club is fast becoming the most popular club management software which I’m sure you’ll start seeing across more Auckland clubs.  Based in Tauranga, they already have Australian and US clubs using their software. The software provides an easier to use interface and is significantly more flexible for club management.

This is a long list but please take the time to understand the following changes and things you need to do:

  1. You will need to create a new login for Hello Club.
    • Existing members need to look out for an email titled “Welcome to Howick Squash Club”.  Click the link to setup your account which allows you to create a new login.  Your previous login for booking courts no longer works.
  2. Existing members must obtain a new tag from the office or pro-shop before you play.
    • These are new tags and your old tag will not work.  Feel free to drop off the old tag and we can dispose of safely.
  3. You can manage your membership details and bookings in Hello Club. 
    • Using Hello club, you can update your details, manage bookings, add light money, renew your membership etc all through the Hello Club online system.  Please take the time to familiarise yourself with the system.
  4. The kiosk at the club is still available to manage your bookings and register for play.
    • The kiosk is now a touch screen on the wall in the same location.  As before, please present your tag to the reader below the screen before interacting with the system.
  5. It is the same but there are differences…
    • The normal booking times and charges still apply the same as before. 
    • When you create a booking you need to select the person you are playing.  If you aren’t sure yet, select visitor and once you know, simply modify it before you play (either on-line or using the kiosk).
    • You and your opponent will still need to “tag-on” using the kiosk for a session to turn the lights on.  If you can’t make it, you must cancel or you will be charged the ‘no-show’ fee as normal.
  6. Previous Bookings have been transferred over to Hello Club.
    • Note however that they have been set up with visitors so please modify (remove/add) the booking to update with your playing partners details.
  7. Online payments for memberships and light money
    • These are managed through Hello Club and both Credit Card and Bank payment options are available.  Note however, there is a now a service charge for credit cards.  Bank payments using POLi are free to use.
  8. For anyone without a current membership, please register online using Hello Club

The final word is to please be patient, with any change there are sometimes a few teething issues.  We do welcome your feedback and the Hello Club team are very responsive to add new features.

Adam Hatley-Owen
Club President

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