Club Rules

This page provides the club rules which members are required to accept when joining the club. These are enforced to ensure all members can enjoy our facilities.

1. Introduction

1.1 The Howick Squash Club (The Club) is an incorporated society within the meaning of the Incorporated Societies Act 1908 including any amendment, replacement or consolidation of that statute.

1.2 Within these rules The Club means this Society under whatever name.

1.3 The Constitution of the Club sets out the Objects of the Club, Membership structures, General Meeting requirements and other matters relating to the running of the Club, which provisions may be altered at any General Meeting.

1.4 The Constitution empowers the General Committee duly elected at the AGM the entire management and control of The Club’s affairs.

1.5 The Constitution also empowers The Committee to make rules for the well being of the Club and the following Rules are made for this purpose.

2. Membership

2.1 Within the meaning of these Rules, Membership or Member of The Club is any person, body or corporate who has paid in whole or in part their dues in response to any offer duly made by The Club for use of The Club’s facilities.

2.2 Admission to Membership of the Club shall at all times be at the entire discretion of the Committee.

2.3 Rights and obligations attached to Membership classes shall be as those last set out at the AGM and presented in The Club’s Annual Membership Form or Handbook or failing that as determined by The Committee.

2.4 The issuing of all or any entry or Membership card remains the property of The Club and should be returned by the Member following the conclusion or termination of their Membership.

3. Payment of Subscriptions or other monies due.

3.1 Members shall pay all monies due immediately by the date they fall due.

3.2 The Committee shall have the power to bar entry to any Member to The Club’s facilities, whose subscriptions or other debts remain unpaid.

3.3 The Committee shall have the power to expel any Member to The Club’s facilities, whose subscription has not been paid or who has not paid any other monies due or owing to The Club, within two months after due date, but no Member shall be expelled until the Member shall have failed to comply within 30 days of being sent a written request (sent to that Member on the instructions of the Committee) for payment. Despite being expelled, a Member shall remain liable for all subscriptions and other monies due or owing to The Club and for any costs of recovering such sums.

3.4 No Member who has been expelled through clauses 3.3 above shall be eligible for re-admission as a Member until all monies due or owing have been paid in full.

3.5 If The Committee or The Club in a General Meeting so resolves, a list of all persons who have ceased to be Members under the provisions of clause 3.3 above, shall be posted in The Club’s premises.

4. Club Administrator/Club Manager

4.1 The Club may appoint from time to time a person as Club Administrator/Manager, who has responsibilities for the day to day running of The Club.

4.2 Any person so appointed is charged with authority to direct Members in respect of Membership issues or other matters affecting the use of The Club’s facilities.

4.3 Any person so appointed reports to The Committee (through The President of The Club) and has powers limited to implementing the directions of The Committee.

5. Use of the Club’s facilities

5.1 All Members are required to use The Club’s property in a manner consistent with the purpose for which it is intended. Specific alternatives uses of the squash court areas may be allowed but the Committee’s prior approval must be obtained.

5.2 Footwear used on the squash courts shall at all times be suitable sports wear with non-marking soles, unless prior Committee approval has been obtained.

5.3 Inside the club premises is designated as a non-smoking areas.

5.4 Any willful damage or misuse of The Club’s premises or property caused by any Member shall be the responsibility of that Member. The Member responsible for such damage shall be notified of the damage caused and requested to immediately make good. Failing immediate rectification by the Member responsible, The Club may elect to rectify any damage so caused at their own cost and all such costs incurred shall become a debt due and owing to The Club from the Members responsible.

6. Misconduct & Behaviour

6.1 The Club is established for the use and convenience of all of it’s Members and all Members are expected to behave in a manner that does not cause a nuisance to other Members who may wish to legitimately use the facilities.

6.2 Members are expected to shower and change before using the lounge area.

6.3 Members who behave in a manner that cause nuisance to other Members will be advised and asked to modify their behaviour. Constant refusal by a Member to modify their behaviour may be grounds for suspension in terms of clause 6.4 below.

6.4 The Committee shall have power to suspend, after a resolution tabled and passed at a Committee meeting, to expel any Member found guilty of misconduct or any other action or omission which The Committee considers may bring The Club into disrepute. Such Member shall be entitled to have notice of The Committee meeting at which the Member’s suspension or expulsion is to be considered and the Member shall be allowed to offer an explanation of the Members alleged misconduct.

6.5 Notwithstanding clause 6.4 above, Theft of Club property or willful damage to Club property shall be grounds for the instant suspension of a Member. The invoking of this power shall be at the total discretion of The Committee.