Making Payments

Payment Methods

This provides information you need to know about making payments and other related topics.

  • The club has the facility for EFTPOS and credit card transactions as well as cash payments.
  • You can load credit on your account using Hello Club once you have registered and logged in. This will instantly update your balance.
  • Direct debit arrangements will need to be set up with the club office directly.
  • Note there is a service fee for credit cards however online banking payments using POLi are free.

Crediting accounts for Pay 4 Play, Practice and Visitors

If you are a Pay 4 Play member, you will need to credit your account in order to book and play squash.

This can be arranged by payment to the Club Administrator in advance or use Hello Club which has multiple payment facilities available to add credit to your account.

Please keep your own check of your available credit (Hello Club shows alerts for this).

To play visitors or to use the court as practice sessions, every member must have credit available as the fee is deducted from your available credit.