Our club has access to great coaches who can advance your game whether you are a beginner or someone looking to move up a grade.  For details please contact the office.

  •        For individual coaching please contact the club on 534-5972.
  •        For after school junior group coaching contact the office 534-5972.

Coaching will cover all the important shots to make your game more complete. 

  • Serve – starting the rally from either of the serving boxes generally targeting the opposite side back corner. 
  • Drive – a shot that is projected straight from the front wall towards the back wall.
  • Drop – a shot that is tapped lightly against the front wall to allow a silent and dead shot on the ground.
  • Volley – a shot that is played without having the ball touch the ground.
  • Lob – a shot that is struck softly, high on the front wall, with a high arc, the object being the placement of the ball into the back corners of the court.
  • Boast – a shot that is first played off the side or back walls.
  • Cross court – a shot that allows the ball to travel from one side of the court to the other.
  • Kill – a shot that is hit firmly and travels no further than half court.
  • Nick shot – where the ball is played from the front wall into the angle between side wall and floor at the front of the court so that it rolls across the floor and cannot be returned.