Inside Squash

What is Inside Squash?

A fun and effective tool for systematically improving your squash game.   It’s a series of hundreds of videos showing top players performing the drills that are most effective in improving your squash game.  Combined with a way to record your own practices using these drills and lesson plans.

What is the Inside Squash system?

Inside Squash provides lesson plans with drills (diagrams and videos) that allow any player to begin with a drill that is designed to improve a specific aspect of the game.  Each drill comes with a series of benchmarks that allow the player to record their current level and then monitor their improvement.

Who is Inside Squash for?

Inside Squash is for all players from beginner to advanced. The drills are organized by difficulty and skill level.  Each drill has a series of goals (benchmarks) that each player can attempt to achieve.