Howick Squash Club

The Howick Squash Club has a well earned reputation as a family and a social club and so whether you are a beginner or a squash veteran you and your family will enjoy the calendar of playing and social events we have scheduled for the year. Our club boasts four glassback courts which are also moveable to cater for doubles games. 

A2 Mens Div 1,2, 4, 6, 7 Draws

A2 Mens Div 3 & 5 Draws

A2 Womens Draws


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The Howick A2 squash tournament is now on. Good luck to all the players. We trust you will have an enjoyable tournament.

To those not playing, why not come down for a drink or something to eat? The Bar will be open from Thursday through Sunday, and the Kitchen will be open from Friday through Sunday.


Forbes Magazine called Squash "the healthiest sport in the world" when it compared the health benefits of squash against other sports. Squash is a game for the whole family, it promotes health and fitness and can be played all year round. Squash clubs offer a number of programmes designed to support players of all levels (beginners to advanced). If you haven't tried squash then you are in for a suprise. It's fun, its healthy, it's affordable. A game is typically 45 minutes long so it isn't going to eat into your day. For many, the first game is the beginning of life long love affair with a wonderful sport.

Amazing Squash Rally - Nick Mathew v Ramy Ashour

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