Court Bookings

Our booking system is based on a computerized booking system which is located at the club. Bookings can be made using the internet booking system or by phoning/emailing the Club Administrator during office hours.

Booking Rules

The following are the key guidelines for bookings:

  • Bookings can be made up to 8 days in advance
  • Only three bookings can be current at one time
  • Consecutive bookings are not allowed
  • Bookings are for a maximum of 45 minutes
  • Players must vacate the court immediately their time is up if other members are waiting
  • Booked courts will be forfeited if not occupied within 5 minutes of the booked time and will be charged a "no-show" court fee.
  • Bookings must be cancelled if they are no longer required or the "no-show" court fee will automatically be charged to your account
  • The names on the booking sheet must match the players on court at all times.
  • Failure to comply with these rules will jeopardise the members playing/access privileges.

Internet Booking

The club has an internet booking system which can be accessed by logging into the website. If you do not have a login, please contact the Club Administrator during office hours. The Internet booking system applies all the normal booking rules. Please also note that bookings are only able to cancelled (using the Internet booking system) two sessions in advance of the booking start time. Bookings can however be cancelled during this period using the booking system at the club.


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